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With your energy focused in the right direction, you will be able to achieve a whole new level of Health & Fitness.



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We’ve consistently guided busy professionals

To new levels of health & fitness success


Thrive is the leading solution for busy professionals to improve their health and fitness so they can look as good as they did in their twenties, achieve a healthier work life balance and become a great role model to their kids. Since 2013 we have transformed the lives of hundreds of Chelmsford professionals.

Benefit from;

Regular Assessments,

Motivational 1-1 personal coaching sessions in Strength & Fitness,

Custom Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Transform the way you Look Feel & Perform



When starting on a new health and fitness journey,

You’ll benefit from personal Coaching in Exercise – Custom Nutrition – Lifestyle Coaching.

Our proven – 3 step process will start you on you journey…


Step 1 - Clarify Your Vision

Do you know what you want to Look, Feel and Perform like ? Not just struggle to get through the day exhausted.

Getting clear on how you want to live your life is the first step of the coaching process


Step 2 - Assess Your Current Health & Fitness Status

Get a clear understanding of what is working and what isn’t in each area of the Six Foundational Principles of Health.

Based on those answers, identify priorities for immediate improvements.

Once you know where you are and how you want to Look Feel and Perform, together we’ll come up with a step by step plan to move you forward in each area for immediate improvements.


Step 3 - Take Action

Knowledge isn’t enough. Action is key.

You’ll get the systems, tools – and most important – the support you need to succeed.

You will progress through the Six Foundations at a pace that fits with your busy schedule.

You’ll then begin to look feel and perform better than when you were in your twenties.

And get challenged to become your best by coaches with a proven track record of success.


Over the past five years, we’ve developed a lot of systems and tools we share with our clients to improve all aspects of their health & fitness, In the Thrive Look Feel Perform Better programme you’ll get:




Upon sign up you will be sent a detailed set of questionnaires for you to complete. This will enable us to get a clear picture of your current over all health, nutrition and lifestyle.



A detailed assessment of your exercise history, posture and physical capabilities.


Tailored to you

Our Personal Trainers will assess your Questionnaires and Assessment results to create your very own exercise plan.

Receive your plan

It’s simple to follow the plan from your personal client login area.Use our app to view videos of your exercise plan, log sessions and track your results.

1-1 Coaching & Support

Benefit from 1-1 weekly Personal Training to ensure you optimise your efforts and get the best results in the minimum amount if time, receive constant support throughout the plan.


We periodically look at how you have progressed, an Assessment to monitor achievements in weight loss, muscle tone and fitness to get a real picture of how you have adapted to your exercise plan.

New Cycle

We regularly update your training plan to keep you motivated and to stimulate improvements in muscle tone, weight loss and fitness levels.

Success Story

With our combination of expert trainers, motivational sessions and a fantastic gym environment you will become our next Success Story.

Can you commit to doing what it takes?

This programme isn’t for everyone

The Look Feel Perform Better programme is only for people who

are ready to make a serious commitment to themselves and their well being.

If that’s you, we’d love to hear from you.

Apply to our Look feel perform better programme if 

•  You are 100% committed to improving your health & fitness

•  You are willing to dedicate a minimum of 2 hours per week to training

•  You are willing to follow an individualised healthy eating plan 80% of the time

•  You are willing to create time in your schedule to slow down, relax & de stress

Do You have a mindset to review your current circumstances and a willingness to create an improved work life balance ?


Only you can make the commitment

To Your health, Your family and Your future…

They turned around their Health & Fitness
Now you can too

Join the long list of members who have achieved their goals.
Here are a few of our success stories…

A hectic work & family life had gotten the better of my physical condition. I overcame my back pain and changed my lifestyle & approach to fitness. I improved my flexibility strength endurance, I am healthier than ever and have more energy than I did in my twenties…

Dr B Maddison


I have lost an amazing 12lbs in 6 months of training and I am the fittest I have ever been. My body looks and feels great. My aches and pains have gone too!

Emma D


Within 18 months David went from a stressed, unhealthy, 95 kg 43 year old to lose 18 kg, fitter, less stressed, better fed 45 year old who has completed a Du-Athlon, Tri-Athlon, and a Sportive.

“I feel great, making time to look after myself and understanding how to manage my lifestyle better. I would recommend Christian and Thrive to anyone looking for first class support in lifestyle change and focused event training”

David C

Business Owner

I’ve transformed my life. I feel fit, strong, calm and healthy, and I’m injury free, I’m managing relationships much better and enjoying life, the results are amazing !
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your role in all this. I really thought I’d never run again, the best thing I ever did…

Jamie A


Benefit from;

Regular Assessments,

Motivational 1-1 personal coaching sessions in Strength & Fitness,

Custom Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Transform the way you Look Feel & Perform

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