Holistic Guide To Success In 2020

Now that we are into a new year, a new decade, our attention turns to what 2020 may hold for us, our hopes, dreams, fears all rise to the surface of our consciousness and some people make those new years resolutions and some do not.

Which one are you ?

There is a science – (a lot of science) that taking certain steps and actions when considering your potential future will greatly enhance the likelihood of actually achieving those goals, dreams and new years resolutions that you set for yourself. Rather than letting them fade at the first hurdle like so many people do. Usually by the end of January we have seen all the new gym members in their pristine gym outfits and shiny new trainers come and go! As gym starts to thin out a bit after the post xmas rush…

Previously what goals or resolutions have you set for yourself only to see them fall by the way side after a few weeks or months ?

Take a moment to contemplate what your hopes and dreams are for 2020 ?

There are a number of technologies that we can employ to improve the odds of you actually achieving what you set out too and by following this guide, gives you a frame work for every goal or challenge you set for yourself. I have used these processes extensively with great effect and I love blending the left brain logical and right brain creative aspects of the process.

“Your dreams are a snapshot of your future”

Albert Einstein

How to set and achieve goals. The clearer and more explicit your vision can be expressed, whether in writing or artistically, the more effective it will be as an attractive force, assisting in the realisation of your goals. Your commitment to this process is likely to match your commitment to the principles and practices of effective goal setting and goal achievement.

It can be a challenge to create effective goals that align with your higher purpose in life if you have never determined your legacy or values to begin with – this would be the best place to start to clearly define your direction in life. Without this any path will do!

Legacy – MAP

What kind of LEGACY do you want to live ? Knowing that you have a purpose and are living that purpose every day is a wonderful thing it energises motivates and inspires not only you, but everyone around you… A Legacy is a life plan a map of where you want to go  and what you want to achieve in life.

In todays modern society we find most people are living and working in jobs that do not align with their legacy in fact most people are unaware or have ever done any work on what a legacy looks like. They generally go to work wishing away the day and dreaming of doing something else.

You could say they lack “Enthusiasm” (derived from greek word  “en theos” – God in Us). People who have a job not aligned to their legacy often find they are watching the work clock thinking only 3 hours to go before i can get out of here and trying to amuse themselves to pass the time – where as people who are living their legacy with purpose are thinking i have only 3 hours left i have so much that i want to fit in before i leave. How do you want to live day to day? It is a lot easier with passion and enthusiasm.

Asking questions such as what is my life dream (that’s a big one!), what makes me feel good, what’s my purpose, what am I passionate about are just a few of the questions we can ask ourselves in determining our Legacy in life…

Values – COMPASS

Like a ship navigates with a map (legacy) and compass (values) to get safely and efficiently to its destination we too could benefit from our own inner map and compass.

Determining your values allows you to better navigate through the ups downs and inevitable curve balls that life throws at us. Your values can keep you anchored when life’s storms arise and grounded when we are overcome by situations.


Asking questions such as what are my social and cultural needs, how much time do I need to be alone or spend with family, what are my mental and physical health needs, what is my daily rhythm, are just some of the questions we can ask ourselves to ensure we are staying on track, being true to ourselves and our needs, to nurture our health and wellbeing and energise our legacy…

Now that you have the map and compass organised, we can consider goals for the year by breaking them down into three main categories;

  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Spiritual
  • Personal Goals

You may heard me talk about the Six foundational principles and the four doctors, this a great starting place when considering personal goal setting. Simply review how well you are doing in each of the following categories and remember that you need to achieve at least 80% compliance to be effective.

You may want to add in other aspects of your personal goals. The list above if in balance will fuel your health and energise the other goals that you have.

  • Professional Goals

Questions to consider;

  • Where do you want to work
  • Who do you want to work for or self employed
  • Does the organisation align with my values
  • How much do I need to earn
  • How do I want to get paid
  • What is the environment like
  • How much responsibility do I want

These are just a few questions to ask your self, hold the vision of the ideal scenario and make goals to work towards that.

  • Spiritual Goals

Questions to consider;

How do I want to grow as a person

Where am I with holding love

How do I chose to develop and listen to my inner voice

How do you realise your ideal

Where am I efforting

How can I live more in the moment and be present

In what way can I raise my level of consciousness

You are responsible for everything you create in life

Where and how do I give and receive love freely

Where do I express or lack Integrity

What am I grateful for

There are endless amounts of questions when it comes to spiritual development, consider a few of these or your own and develop your own spiritual path, borrow from whatever sources resonate with you, wether Buddhist, yogic, muslim, sufi, or jedi.

“What we focus on expands”

S.M.A.R.T Goals Setting

Outcome or process goal ? Or both ?

Outcome goal – I am 5kg lighter (i am)

Process goal – I enjoy meditating 20 mins every day (i enjoy)

Specific – write down exactly what your goals is

Measurable – be clear about how you know when you have achieved it

Achievable – your goal should be no more than 50% more challenging

Realistic – be honest are you really likely to do what this takes

Timely – define an expected time frame for achieving the goal


A plan is what you generate in order to identify, organise and schedule the time, energy, and resources you think you need to effectively achieve your stated goals. Having goals without a plan is akin to setting the goal of skiing advanced, black diamond runs on your next ski trip when you are a novice skier without planning to have your skills as a skier evaluated by a professional. Such an evaluation will allow you to take the necessary ski lessons to facilitate effective accomplishment of your goal.

Step 1: Prioritise your goals




Step 2: Evaluate

How much time is required?

Energy (physical, monetary, mental, emotional etc…)

What resources you will need?

Once identified write out as honestly and as accurately as possible what you will need

Your Strategy

Your strategy is how you implement your plan. Think of your plan as though it was a map you were going to use to arrive at a given location. Think of your strategy as a set of optimised instructions as to how to execute your plan.

My Major Goal is…

  1. Dream, thought or idea
  2. Write it down  –> Visualise, Emotionalise the goal
  3. Deed – plan / strategy and execution

Commit to your goals, use the resistance to grow and allow the universe to create. Identify parasites and transform them into solutions and positive learning experiences. Be realistic with the number of goals you energise. Review your goals regularly and write your daily goals for the next day in the evening.

Good luck and enjoy the planning process – if you would like to know more about the processes discussed here please contact me.


Resources: adapted from www.ppssuccess.com Paul Chek – for serious spiritual upgrades visit this programme