January the darkest month for many reasons, most importantly if you have overdone it in the build up to christmas as a result you are now paying the price, most people spend too much money at christmas and can’t wait til january pay day, over eaten too much booze late nights and feel exhausted fat and bloated. Many people make resolutions to give up certain foods, have a dry january no booze, veganuary no meat, no coffee, exercise more etc… with all this abstinence it can be what seems like a very long month for many. Add to this The dark mornings when you get up, the dark nights when you get home and the grey skies in between can leave you feeling a little depleted of energy and pretty dispondent.

It doesn’t have to be like that, for those of you who have a healthy balanced lifestyle where there is not too much excess with food and drink and you are able to maintain a training regime over christmas this makes you feel so much better and actually looking forward to the year ahead with positivity and enthusiasm.

thrive holistic health january resolutions

Making time to look after your self by getting out and having some fresh air this time of year is so important, its easy to just be comfortable sitting in heated homes, cars and workspaces – no matter what the weather we all need to get out at the weekends and get into nature and expose ourselves to the elements. It is really refreshing and helps elevate your energy levels as well as strengthening your immune system, lowering stress and regulating your hormonal system to leave you feeling more energised and more resilient.

When we have good energy we make better choices generally in life but certainly about the food and drinks we consume on a daily basis. This resuts in an upward spiral of health the healthier you become the easier it is to manage because you have more energy to put into it… sounds simple.

thrive holistic health january resolutions

If you have made specific resolutions to get healthy in 2019 thats great this weekly blog will help to guide you through the endless mis-information, trends, fads in the health and fitness industry to get you on the right track.

The message here is to maintain a balance despite what events are going on around you – walk the middle path and as long as you achieve 80% success in the six foundational principles of health you won’t have to worry about abstaining from anything because you are balanced from day to day so next year you won’t feel the same.