Look Feel Perform Better

Take charge of your health & fitness and resolve those issues once and for all…
The Look Feel Perform Better plan will help you optimise your time & energy
to get the long lasting results you deserve

Exercise Coaching

Benefit from regular Assessments,  motivational 1-1 Strength, Fitness, flexibility  & Core  Training – Rehabilitation Programmes if required

Custom Nutrition

Simple delicious meals that the whole family will enjoy. Determine your Metabolic Type & supercharge your energy,  losing weight for the long term

Lifestyle Coaching

Develop a healthy work – life balance, reduce the stress, dedicate some time for yourself and enjoy life more…

1-1 Exercise Coaching

In Thrive’s One to One Holistic Health Fitness Coaching Programme You will be given a comprehensive assessment to identify any physical issues to ensure you get the right exercise plan for you. A new exercise plan each month which you can view online to do at home, the office or the gym.

Training will include a combination of postural corrective exercises, flexibility, cardio, and strength / conditioning – designed to improve strength, burn fat and build lean muscle to tone and shape your body.


Customised Nutrition Plan

You will receive tasty, easy to prepare recipes and a weekly food planner that will help reduce bowel issues and bloating resulting in a flatter stomach. These include delicious meals that all the family can enjoy.

With simple snacks like courgette slice and raw food chocolate protein balls you will never run out of easy healthy options. Enjoy sweet treats with our Beetroot brownies, gluten free pancakes and muffins and many more – we teach you how to cheat healthy. Because life’s too short to miss out on the good stuff !

Your dedicated nutrition coach will support you weekly in making changes every step of the way.


Lifestyle Coaching

Working through the Six Foundational Priciples of health ensures that you are well balanced and reduces the overall stressors.

When we reduce the lifestyle stressors it promotes many health factors such as; weight loss, improved energy, increase in muscle tone, reduction in aches and pains and improved sex drive.

Benefit from our in house Cooking Lessons that will ensure you stay on track, with “Free From” “Raw Food” & “Cheat Healthy” workshops that assist you to overcome food intolerances, irritable bowel issues and weight loss.



When you join the THRIVE – Look Feel Perform Better Plan 
you will get access to our team of expert coaches who will be on hand to answer all your questions and guide you throughout your journey.

Access our online training system anywhere, anytime on our app. Where you can print exercise logs, view your exercise videos and record your workouts – Download your custom nutrition plans and lifestyle information all in one easy portal.

This One to One Holistic Health Fitness Coaching Programme will ensure you stay on track and feel motivated at all times.

The reason the one to one holistic health & fitness coaching programme is so successful for so many people is that we understand that everybody is unique.


We know your not in your twenty’s anymore with a carefree lifestyle, you have the pressures that come with financial commitments, a family, running your own business or managing a team of employees.

We understand it can be a real struggle to juggle all of these responsibilities and still make time for your self and your own health and fitness.

Your unique requirements for nutrition and specific amounts of calories and macronutrient ratios (fats proteins and carbohydrates) is an essential component to achieve maximum health, energy and fat loss. 


This is why we only create tailored meal plans through THRIVE Organic Kitchen to ensure that your body is getting the perfect balance of food inline with your own personal exercise plan.

With several stages, this plan initially develops your foundational health and fitness systems, and 1-1 coaching at each stage ensures you receive constant feedback with tailored updates specifically to your progress.

Put simply the plan evolves as your body changes, your symptoms diminish and your health and fitness improves through each stage.

When you follow this One to One Holistic Health Fitness Coaching Programme & combine this level of customised nutrition, with our proven training method and expert coaching team, you cannot fail and you will achieve an amazing health and fitness transformation.



After the initial 12‐week period, if you can honestly say you followed the program requirements

and are not measurably healthier & fitter than when you first joined the program, we will refund your entire package investment.

Every element of your programme will be managed to enable efficient use of your time and energy to maximum results. Your partner, friends & work colleauges will see the difference, you will feel the difference as your energy increases, your body becomes stronger fitter & more toned as you lose weight. You will easily be able to get through a day at work and keep up with the kids.


Or you can do the latest trendy online training programmes with no accountability, follow the latest fad diet – again, This time next year you will be no fitter and maybe a little fatter !


Very often it’s not the lack of effort that people put in – but if that effort is in the wrong direction you may never get there – Don’t waste it, let me guide you through our proven programme to Look Feel Perform Better…

Successful Thrive Clients who have achieved their Goals

A hectic work & family life had gotten the better of my physical condition. I overcame my back pain and changed my lifestyle & approach to fitness. I improved my flexibility strength endurance, I am healthier than ever and have more energy than I did in my twenties…

Dr B Maddison


I have lost an amazing 12lbs in 6 months of training and I am the fittest I have ever been. My body looks and feels great. My aches and pains have gone too!

Emma D


Within 18 months David went from a stressed, unhealthy, 95 kg 43 year old to lose 18 kg, fitter, less stressed, better fed 45 year old who has completed a Du-Athlon, Tri-Athlon, and a Sportive.

“I feel great, making time to look after myself and understanding how to manage my lifestyle better. I would recommend Christian and Thrive to anyone looking for first class support in lifestyle change and focused event training”

David C

Business Owner

I’ve transformed my life. I feel fit, strong, calm and healthy, and I’m injury free, I’m managing relationships much better and enjoying life, the results are amazing !
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your role in all this. I really thought I’d never run again, the best thing I ever did…

Jamie A


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